Tuesday, May 22, 2018

[Software - Apps] RoutCad de Luxe CAD-CAM Software CNC Mill

  Thanh A Tran       Tuesday, May 22, 2018
RoutCad de Luxe CAD-CAM Software CNC Mill

Design Fast, Full CAD-CAM, Export G-Code, Import .DXF, Export .DXF, Automatic Offset, Quick Start Training Videos, Complete .pdf User Marnual, Drawing of Basic Geometry, Drawing of Complex Geometry, Advanced Editing Options, Zooming, Grid Display and Snapping, Erase, Option, Snap Options, bmp. to dxf. utility ,Automatic Fillet, Text Wizard, Leader Wizard, Ellipse Wizard, Rectangle Wizard, Automatic Tab Creation, G-Code for : Mach 3, Mach 4, EMC 2, Fanuc, Heas, Etc.
Support Imperial Unit of Measurement, Support SI Unit of Measurement, View/Hide : INFO - DIALOG - TIP, Segment/Window Selection, Undo, Redo, Protrusion, Language Selection : English - French and Spanish Tip, Machine Menu, Material Selection, Work Size Selection, Thread Hole Selection, Machining Sequence Selection, File Open, File Save, Merge Option, Print Option, Contains a Library of Pre-designed Shapes, Options Panel Etc.

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