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Tips for CNC Users

1. A date engraving custom macro

2. Programming a horizontal machining center from a central origin

3. Two great articles on machine utilization and costing

4. A serial number engraving custom macro

5. How to program a bar puller

6. How the heck does G28 work?

7. How can you tell if you're control has Custom Macro B?

8. DNC software that tracks cycle time and time that each tool is cutting

9. A pallet check for Mori Seike horizontals

10. Simplifying the task of jaw placement on three-jaw chucks

11. A bolt hole machining parametric program in three different versions (Fanuc's custom macro B, Okuma's user task 2, and Fadal's macro)

12. When is a five axis machining center required?

13. A letter engraving custom macro

14. A custom macro for taper thread milling

15. What is parametric programming?

16. Prompting operators with parametric programming on Fadal machining centers

17. Do you know where your parameters are?

18. Using standard (and inexpensive) software for DNC

19. When should you tap?

20. Using custom macro to streamline on-line tool length measurements

21. Which mode is better, inch or metric?

22. G code help screen on 15 series Fanuc controls

23. Getting parentheses on 16 & 18 series Fanuc controls

24. How fast can you rapid?

25. A safe index position for horizontal machining centers

26. Do you document you CNC programs well enough?

27. You say you can't make your machine Zero Return?

28. A circle milling custom macro

29. Calculating lead for a twist drill

30. Are you breaking taps?

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This app accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of techniques shown in these web pages. We simply publish information we feel will be of interest to CNC users. In all cases, the reader is totally responsible for considering the implications, good and bad, of implementing one or more of the techniques we show.

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