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Internal Threading on Fanuc 21i 18i 16i with G76 Threading Cycle

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CNC program for the internal threading with G76 threading cycle on fanuc controls 21i/18i/16i.
For an example of external threading with G76 threading cycle read External Thread Cutting with G76 Threading Cycle on Fanuc 21i 18i 16i CNC
Fanuc 21i/18i/16i use two block format of G76 threading cycle.
Related: G76 Threading Cycle One Line Format for Fanuc 10/11/15T
Fanuc G76 threading cycle has multiple parameters making it difficult to remember, but at the same time those multiple parameters of G76 thread cycle give the cnc programmer/cnc machinist multiple options to control thread cutting, some are listed below.
G76 thread cutting cycle allow cnc machinist to control number of idle cuts, thread run-out, infeed angle.

CNC Program of Internal Threading with G76 Threading Cycle

Internal Threading on Fanuc 21i 18i 16i with G76 Threading Cycle
N17 T101
        N18 G54
        N19 G97 S800 M3
        N20 G0 X25 Z6 M8
        N21 G76 P010060 Q100 R0.02
        N22 G76 X30 Z-40 P919 Q250 F1.5
        N23 G0 X150 Z100


G76 Thread Cycle a CNC Programming Example

G-code G76 is a cnc cycle which is used for thread cutting on cnc machines.
Threading cycle G76 is explained here G76 Thread Cycle.
Taper thread cutting with G76 thread cycle is explained here G76 Tapered Threading
For Multi-start thread cutting with G76 see G76 Multi-Start Threading
For G76 threading cycle one line see G76 One-Line Format.
G76 threading cycle can be used for internal threading on cnc lathe machines.
This G76 threading example actually cuts external threads on two different diameters.

G76 Thread Cycle Example

G76 Thread Cycle a CNC Programming Example
N10 T3
            N20 G97 S800 M03
            N30 G00 X30 Z5 T0303
            N40 G76 P021060 QI00 R100
            N50 G76 X18.2 Z-20 P900 Q200 FI.5
            N60 G00 X50 Z-20
            N70 G76 P021060 Ql00 R100
            N80 G76 X38.2 Z-52 P900 Q200 FI .5
            N90 G00 X200 Z200
            N100 M30

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