C# programming Examples

Learn C# Programming by examples. 
Guide to C# programming. 

C# programming Examples
C# programming Examples

CSharp Examples:

1. A hierarchy of timelines
2. A rectangle with curved corners
3. About Dialog
4. Add a control to a Panel
5. Add buttons to a Canvas with code
6. Add child control
7. Add control to a form window
8. Add control to a window
9. Add Ellipse, TextBlock to a Tree
10. Add image to Button
11. Add Image to Statusbar
12. Add items to combo box
13. Add Polyline to UniformGrid
14. Add Separator to StackPanel
15. Add Thickness for Padding
16. Adding Hyperlink to TextBlock
17. All Mouse Cursors
18. An ellipse that has been scaled by 20%
19. Anchor Two Buttons
20. Animate EndPoint
21. Animate the background color
22. Animation In Style
23. Application Exit event
24. Application Startup event
25. Application.GetResourceStream
26. Apply Syntax Highlighting in a Text Control
27. Automatic Width and Height
28. AutoScroll Window
29. Basic DialogBox
30. Bind a TabControl to a data source
31. Bind current time to Button
32. Bind to XML Data embed the data directly
33. Binding Label to TextBox
34. Binding With Data Context
35. Bold text in Flow document
36. BorderLess Window
37. Bouncing Ball
38. Built-In Command Bindings
39. Button Click event handler
40. Button Image, Size, Parent
41. Capture Mouse Ellipse
42. Cast event sender to a control
43. Center form window
44. Change Button text
45. Change StackPanel Orientation
46. Check Spelling Error