CNC programming methods

Based on the degree of automation of programming tasks, one distinguishes two programming methods:

Manual Programming (Manual Programming)

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When programming by hand the programmer bases on the drawing to enter the data according to the commands from the keyboard into the machine's memory. This programming is time-consuming, confusing when the details are complex. Due to the disadvantages above, this method only applies to simple details or to edit existing programs. The means of support are mainly search tables or machine catalogs, personal computers to calculate programming parameters. Manual programming requires that the programmer, in addition to mastering the programming method, must have knowledge of math and technology knowledge.

Machine Programming (Automatic Programming).

When programming (computer assisted), the programmer describes (geometrically) the geometry of the workpiece, the trajectory of the cutting tool and the machine's function in the machine language. understandable.

Machine programming has the advantage that hand calculations do not need to be performed, just access some data but can generate large amounts of data for the necessary calculations while limiting the errors made. submit. When programming by computer, the computer must have the following special computation programs:

  • Pre-treatment program.
  • Processor.
  • Postprocessor program.

A processor is a software program that performs geometric and technological calculations. Cutter Location Data (CLD) data is called the data, which provides a general solution that is independent of any CNC machine tool. The CLD has the cutting tool location data. The CLD contains the most concise commands and the codes that do not match the CNC system.

In the geometric description of details such as points, segments, arcs, etc., the description of the machining process such as drilling, milling, cutting mode, cutting tools, Here create a source program. From this source program, the computer creates an NC program suitable for CNC machines thanks to the post-processing unit.

To use the CLD for a particular CNC system, a special program called a postprocessor is required, which translates the NC program into a CLD so that the CNC can understand. and performs the machining process.