Some basic code in CNC machine programming

Surely you are familiar with programming CNC machine will see this is familiar but with the new CNC input, this is certainly necessary. 

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Let me list below some basic code in CNC programming:
Some basic code in CNC machine programming

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G00:  Fast running without cutting.
G01:  Run in a straight line cut
G02:  Circular interpolation clockwise.
G03:  Circular interpolation counterclockwise.
G04:  Make temporary use.
G09:  Stop the tool properly
G10:  Change workpiece coordinates.
G11:  Cancel G10 mode
G17:  Select the XY machining plane
G18:  Select the XZ machining plane
G19:  Select the ZY machining plane
G20:  Set inch machining unit
G21:  Set metric processing unit
G27:  Back to the machine.
G28:  Back to the original machine.
G29:  Back to the second, third, fourth.
G30:  O 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
G31:  Ignore the code
G33:  Thread cutting
G40:  Remove the radius compensation tool
G41:  Tool radius compensation on the left
G42:  Tool radius compensation on the right
G43:  Tool length compensation, +
G44:  Tool length compensation, -
G45:  Tool placement, increase
G46:  Cleared tool position, reduced.
G47:  Tool upsetting increased 2 times
G48:  Reduction of tool placement 2 times
G49:  Undo the tool length
G53:  Select the coordinate system
G54:  Select the first coordinate system
G55:  Select the second ingot coordinate system
G56:  Selects the third workpiece coordinate system.
G57:  Selection of the fourth ingot coordinates.
G58:  Selection of the fifth billet coordinate system.
G59:  Selection of the sixth coordinate system.
G61:  The code is correct.
G63:  Taro mode
G64:  Shear cut (exact stop inspection)
G65:  Call Marco
G66:  Call the group Marco
G67:  Cancel calling Marco
G73:  High speed deep hole machining
G74:  The Taro Cycle
G76:  Cycle of loss
G80:  Drilling cycle canceled
G81:  The drilling cycle
G82:  hole drilling cycle
G83:  Deep hole drilling
G84:  The Taro Cycle
G85:  Cycle of loss
G86:  Cycle of loss
G87:  Cycle hole, back.
G88:  Cycle of loss
G89:  Cycle of loss
G90:  Set the absolute coordinate system
G91:  Set the relative coordinate system
G92:  Change the workpiece coordinate / set the maximum rotation speed
G94:  Set the knife speed
G95:  Set the speed of knife / ring
G96:  Surface constant speed
G97:  Cancel the surface speed constant
G98:  Set the type of drawer in the hole machining process
G99:  Set the cutter type in the hole machining process