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The Best CNC Machines and CNC Kits of 2018

  Thanh A Tran       Sunday, January 27, 2019
The Best CNC Machines and CNC Kits of 2018

The four typical factory machines that use this technology include:
  • Routers
  • Lathes
  • Mills
  • Grinders
All of these machines are dedicated power tools. Each of these tools can cut, shape or sharpen different materials into precision parts based on available designs. The type of machine required depends on the shape, size, material and complexity of the project.


* Rating: 4.3 / 5

MYSWEETY is a capable CNC DIY Router. MYSWEETY advertises it as a wood engraving machine controlling GBRL for engraving. It also works with many other materials as well as wood.

Best feature 1: Friendly beginner

Best feature 2: Durable construction

Plus: Partially assembled, controlled via different operating systems, different materials

Minus points: Limited instruction, below average support

This CNC router is partially assembled but still has some assembly and tweaking from the user side. Going by users to rate this is an interesting experience. It definitely helps you get used to the machine better. A bit of experience or talent in this area will make the setup process much simpler although it is not too complicated.
Pre-programmed circuit boards and all wiring systems are plug-n-play.

Basic yet Functional

It is both compact and light but also has a sturdy structure. I would like to say that MYSWEETY Router is the perfect choice for new users who want to become familiar with the technology. It provides a great platform to produce simple models. There is a USB interface and an open source based control system to operate the device.

Some users complain that the bundled software is old and unsupported. Well, you can choose between several other software programs to run this CNC Router. Common PCB processing tools and toolpaths are two of the many but you have to buy them separately.

Although promoted as a wood engraving machine, you can use other materials. Some of these include plastic, acrylic, PVC, PCB, and other things.

The Not So Good

Setup is simple enough for those familiar with technology. However, for the first timer, the accompanying instructions are missing. Software support also did not receive much positive reviews. These are things that newcomers will want to ponder.

2. DIY CNC Router Kit by Beauty Star

Rating: 4.8 / 5

This DIY CNC router will not be suitable for commercial purposes. This is a great little tool for new users with the knowledge or gifted mechanics to work with machines like this.

Best feature 1: Cutting and accuracy are good

Best feature 2: Compact and lightweight

Plus: Great research and research machines, durable construction, easy to operate

Minus points: Difficult for beginners to assemble, replace spare parts that are hard to find sources

A Great CNCStudy Tool

Consider this affordable CNC router of Beauty Star if you are new to precise cutting. This is a great product for anyone who wants to study sophisticated carving art with a variety of materials. It has a simple, compact and lightweight design, making it easy to manipulate and store.

The work area is not very large (see specifications below), but it is sufficient for smaller DIY designs. Powerful 775 spindle motor performs surprisingly well for a CNC router in its class. And although it will not cut hard metal or stone, there are many softer materials to test.

Before you can use the machine, you must first assemble it. The setup part is the least user-friendly side. When you put it together, you have a CNC router that's definitely worth every penny.

The Not So Good

Beauty Star DIY CNC router is quite easy to operate beginner level but it is not easy to assemble. The available documents also do not help much. That is why you will want some know-how or mechanical ability before you buy this product. Make sure you also ask for instructions in English, unless you need the Chinese version.

3. BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit

Rating: 4.9 / 5

The CNC BobsCNC E3 router passes the next level and includes price increases. It is easier to assemble than the first two options. Updating instructions are available online at any time.

Best feature 1: User friendly machine
Best feature 2: Works with wood and many other materials
Plus: Build a large cutting area, cut thick materials
Minus points: Nothing to report

This is an advanced beginner-friendly machine for serious enthusiasts. If your laptop has a redundant USB port, you can run it from there. And unlike previous devices, there is nothing for the imagination to guide. All backup files are available online too. These include Quick Start Guide, Assembly Guide and Troubleshooting Guide.

Cut wood construction

Extensive cutting area at 450 x 390 x 85 mm and the largest in this manual.

When you are ready and running, you can cut different types of wood up to 3.3 stock. This includes composite wood and hardwood. You can also use E3 to cut many other soft materials but always check the compatibility before use.

Don't let the complete wooden frame structure of this CNC Router disappoint you. It uses 6 birch Baltic birch birch and 1/2 ″ MDF for surfboard. It is extremely good and powerful like any metal replacement material.

Select software

You can choose between several software options to run E3. Most of these are free open source. Sender of GGS code or Universal G is a popular choice. The firmware loaded on the logic chip or processor is grbl and is also open source. If it seems complicated, you need to do a little online research. Most readers here are probably familiar with grbl to control machine movement.

The Not So Good

There is not much to complain about value for money. I have come across several reports about software bugs but they are not common because the settings and operating systems are personal. If I encounter any complaints in the future, I will update this guide accordingly.


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