Best Help CNC programming on Fiverr

Best Help CNC programming on Fiverr

I Will Make A Manufacturable 3d Model And A Cnc Program For It

About This Gig

3D model based on drawing supplied by the costumer.

Component design based on engineering requirements (eg: weight, material, safety factor).

Surface creation based on mesh or scan supplied by costumer.

NC. program for manufacturing on mill or lathe if required by customer

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I Will Do Cnc Program For Molding, Laser Cutting Fusion 360 Cam

About This Gig

  ******Please Do contact me first to discuss details before ordering this gig.******


I will create and get your 3D design in any format (PRT, STL, IGES, STEP, OBJ e.t.c) ready for manufacturing and 3D printing.

For 3D printing:
I will create optimized parts for additive manufacturing with Fusion 360, Print studio and Netfabb.

For CNC Manufacturing: 
Using standard 2D and 3D toolpaths and create efficient toolpaths using 3 + 2 or positional multi-axis strategies for designs that require several setups, I will create CNC program for milling, turning, molding or laser cutting in Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD/CAM.
I will use the appropriate machine variable for material 
feed rate 
coolant flow

You can specify what kind of CNC machine, tools/bits/endmills you have or give me dimensions of your endmills for better accuracy and I will program the toolpath in an efficient way with minimum machining time.

I use Autodesk fusion 360 and Solidworks Efficiently.

Looking forward to working with you. Cheers!!.

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I Will Cnc Programming On Mastercam

About This Gig

I'm a company specializing in the design of the mechanical Product with 5 years experience.Many years of experience in CAM/CNC programming ,G-code processing ,G-code checking ...
The software we use: Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS.


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About This Gig

This include generated of G-cod for your design. if your design is not in Solidworks i will first convert it into solidworks and will generate program

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I Will Create CNC Programs For You

About This Gig
I work with Feature CAM software and  i can make you any CNC program for lathe and milling machines, also i will provide professional customer service and accessibility at any time.

Please contact me before buying this gig.

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