17. Bridgeport G Code List – CNC Mill

Bridgeport G Code List – CNC Mill

Complete Bridgeport G code list for cnc machinists who work on cnc mill.

Bridgeport CNC Milling Machine

Bridgeport Mill G Codes

G code Description
G00 Rapid traverse (Programmed feedrate remains in register)
G01 Linear interpolation (Feed in a linear path)
G02 Circular interpolation CW. Arc
G03 Circular interpolation CCW. Arc
G04 Dwell
G08 MODAL Deceleration override OFF
G09 MODAL Deceleration override ON
G12 Helical interpolation CW
G13 Helical interpolation CCW
G17 X Y Plane selection
G18 ZX Plane selection
G19 YZ Plane selection
G22 Circular interpolation, Fillet input CW
G22 Circular interpolation, Fillet input CCW
G30 Mirror image OFF (Cancel symmetry)
G31 Mirror image X ON (X symmetry)
G32 Mirror image Y ON (Y symmetry)
G40 Cancel compensation (Cutter diameter offset OFF)
G41 Cutter compensation left
G42 Cutter compensation right
G44 Cutter compensation, Normal feedrate
G45 Cutter compensation, Modify feedrate
G70 Input inch (Select Inch dimension system)
G71 Input millimeter (Select metric dimension system)
G72 Transformation OFF (Cancel transformation)
G73 Transformation / Rotation, Scaling
G74 Multi quadrant circle input OFF
G75 Multi quadrant circle input ON
G77 Facing cycle (Zig zag mill cycle)
G78 Pocket milling cycle
G79 Bore mill cycle (Internal hole mill cycle)
G80 Fixed cycle cancel
G81 Drill cycle – Z cycle, drill (feed in, rapid out)
G82 Spot facing cycle (with dwell) – Z cycle, spot face (feed in, rapid out)
G83 Deep hole drill cycle – Z cycle, deep hole (peck, rapid out)
G84 Tapping cycle (need reversible tapping head) – Z cycle, tap (feed in, feed out)
G85 Boring cycle (use for reaming) – Z cycle, bore (feed in, feed out)
G86 Boring cycle – Z cycle, bore (feed in, stop-wait, rapid out)
G87 Chip breaking cycle (backs up .05 then returns .05) – Z cycle, chip break (peck, rapid out)
G89 Boring cycle – Z cycle, bore (feed in, dwell, feed out)
G90 Absolute programming (Absolute input)
G91 Incremental programming (Incremental input)
G92 Preset part programming zero point
G96 Restore base part programming coordinate system
G97 Set work coordinate system
G99 Deceleration override
G170 Outside frame mill
G171 Inside frame mill
G172 Pocket frame mill
G173 Outside face mill
G174 Inside face mill
G175 Outside circle mill
G176 Inside circle mill
G177 Pocket circle mill
G179 Slot mill
G181-G189 Z cycle (same as g81-g89) multi-hole
G191-199 Z cycle (same as g81-g89) frame of holes

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