CNC Optional Block Skip

Table of contents:

[1] What is CNC?
[2] How to Make CNC Program?
[3] Make Your First CNC Program
[4] G Code Introduction
[5] Modal G-Code- Learn G Code Programming
[6] One Shot G-Codes- Learn G Code Programming
[7] Mill/Lathe G/M-Codes- Learn G Code Programming
[8] Popular CNC G-Code Lists- Learn G Code Programming
[9] Din 66025 Programming- Learn G Code Programming
[10] M Code Introduction
[11] CNC Program Block
[12] Why to use Canned Cycles?
[13] Subprograms Basics
[14] CNC Machine Modes
[15] Speed and Feed Override
[16] Block Delete
[17] Dry Run
[18] Reference Point Return
[19] CNC Operating Modes
[20] CNC Reference Point Return
If you have ever run a cnc machine you surely will have come across the Optional Block Skip. On some cnc machine controls it is also called Block Delete.
“/” is used as the skip sign.
The cnc program blocks which has skip sign prior the program block just skipped or omitted when the cnc program is executed.
The cnc program example is under
N5 G00 X20 Z0
/N6 G01 X0 F0.2
/N7 GO1 X20
N8 G01 Z-20
The above cnc program when run or executed on a cnc machine
the cnc program block number 5 and 8 will only be executed,
and block number 6 and 7 will be skipped or not be machined.
Optional Block Skip or Block Delete only works if the optional block skip swith is “on.”


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