CNC Programming

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Table Of Contents:
  1. G-code Table
  2. G00 - Rapid Linear Motion
  3. G01 - Linear Motion at Feed Rate
  4. G02 and G03 - Arc at Feed Rate
  5. G04 - Dwell
  6. G10 - Coordinate System Data Tool and Work Offset Tables
  7. G17, G18 and G19 - Plane Selection
  8. G20 and G21 - Length Units
  9. G28 and G30 - Return to Home
  10. G28.1 - Reference Axes
  11. G40, G41 and G42 - Cutter Radius Compensation
  12. G43, G44 and G49 - Tool Length Offsets
  13. G47 - Engrave Sequential Serial Number
  14. G53 - Move in Absolute Coordinates
  15. G54 to G59 and G59 P~ - Select Work Offset Coordinate System
  16. G61 and G64 - Set Path Control Mode
  17. G73 - Canned Cycle - High Speed Peck Drill
  18. G80 - Cancel Modal Motion
  19. G81 to G89 - Canned Cycles
  20. G90 and G91 - Distance Mode
  21. G92, G92.1, G92.2 and G92.3 - G92 Offsets
  22. G93, G94 and G95 - Set Path Control Mode
  23. G98 and G99 - Canned Cycle Return Level 
For a dwell, program: G04 P~. This will keep the axes unmoving for the period of time in seconds specified by the P number. It is an error if the P number is negative.

  • G04 Example
    (Sample Program G04EX5:)
    (Workpiece Size: X3.5, Y2, Z0.5)
    (Tool: Tool #1, 1/8" Slot Mill)
    (Tool Start Position: X0, Y0, Z1)

    N2 G90 G80 G40 G54 G20 G17 G50 G94 G64 (safety block)
    N5 G90 G20 (Absolute programming in inch mode)
    N10 M06 T1 G43 H1 (Tool change to Tool #1)
    N15 M03 S1300 (Spindle on CW at 1300 rpm)
    N20 G00 X3 Y1 Z0.1 (Rapid to X3,Y1,Z0.1)
    N25 G01 Z-0.125 F5.0 (Feed down to Z–0.125 at 5 ipm)
    N30 G04 P2 (Dwell for 2 seconds)
    N35 G00 X2 Z0.1 (Rapid up to Z0.1)
    N40 X2 (Rapid over to X2)
    N45 G01 Z-0.125 F5.0 (Feed down to Z–0.125)
    N50 G04 P1 (Dwell for 1 second)
    N55 G00 Z1.0 (Rapid out to Z1)
    N60 X0. Y0. (Rapid to X0, Y0)
    N65 M05 (Spindle off )
    N70 M30 (Program end)


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