Two great articles on machine utilization and costing

Two articles on machine utilization and costing

Here are two excellent articles written by Roger Kern for EDM Today that every CNC manager should read. While specifics are devoted to EDM equipment, the principles will apply to any form of CNC machine tool – including CNC machining centers and turning centers.
  • Managing CNC EDM Productivity
This article discusses the importance of keeping your machines in cycle for as great a percentage of time as possible – and makes suggestions for doing so.
  • CNC EDM Cost Analysis
This is the first article I’ve ever seen related to calculating the true costs related to CNC machine tools. Almost every CNC manager I’ve met can tell me the – down to the penny – how much they’re paying for CNC operators. But few are as diligent or knowledgeable when it comes to machine costs. Again, specifics are given for EDM equipment, but it won’t be at all difficult to apply the principles to metal-cutting CNC machines.