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The Best Apps for Tutorials | Appstore For Android

The Best Apps for Tutorials | Appstore For Android | Amazon Appstrore.

List apps for Android:
  1. Learn Google Maps
  2. Learn MATLAB
  3. Learn Assertiveness
  4. Learn Computer Fundamentals
  5. Learn Word 2010
  6. Learn Accounting Basics
  7. Learn Anger Management
  8. Learn JUnit
  9. Learn Lua
  10. Learn Spoken English Errors
  11. Learn LISP
  12. Learn Data Mining
  13. Learn C++ Programming 
  14. Learn ASP.Net Programming
  15. Learn Euphoria
  16. Learn Computer Networking
  17. Learn Node.js
  18. Learn Business Writing Skills
  19. Learn Hadoop
  20. Learn Cryptography
  21. Learn Information Security and Cyber Law
  22. Learn Pascal Programming
  23. Learn Perl Programming 
  24. Learn Swift Programming
  25. Learn IPv6
  26. Software Engineering Tutorials
  27. Learn Scala
  28. Learn Self Esteem
  29. Learn MVC Framework
  30. Learn Artificial Intelligence
  31. Learn Computer Programming
  32. Learn International Business Management
  33. Learn Fortran Programming 
  34. Learn Computer Graphics
  35. Learn Cloud Computing
  36. Learn Ruby on Rails-2.1
  37. Learn Interpersonal Skills
  38. Learn Avro
  39. Learn Signals and Systems
  40. Learn WCF
  41. Learn Managerial Economics
  42. Learn Management Concepts
  43. Learn Neo4J
  44. Learn Tcl_Tk
  45. Learn XHTML
  46. Learn Go Programming
  47. Learn Objective-C
  48. Learn Compiler Design
  49. Learn CSharp
  50. Learn DBMS
  51. Learn LinQ
  52. Learn Operating System
  53. Software Architecture Design Tutroials
  54. Java Interview Questions
  55. Learn C Programming
  56. Learn Ruby on Rails
  57. Learn Business Dress Code
  58. Learn Collaborative Management
  59. Learn HBase
  60. Learn Self Confidence
  61. Learn Highcharts
  62. Learn KnockoutJS
  63. Learn Web Services
  64. Learn Graph Theory
  65. Learn Image Processing with Java
  66. Learn Computer Logical Organization
  67. Learn F# Programming
  68. Learn Cassandra
  69. Learn PMP Examination
  70. Learn Lucene
  71. Learn EmberJS
  72. Learn HTTP
  73. Learn D Programming
  74. Learn IPv4
  75. Learn Mobile Computing
  76. Learn OOAD
  77. Learn Mgmt Information System
  78. Learn SW Development Life Cycle
  79. Learn Internet Technologies
  80. Learn Digital Image Processing
  81. Learn Prototype
  82. Learn Developers Best Practices
  83. Learn Hive
  84. Learn Mahout
  85. Learn Map Reduce
  86. Learn Scrum
  87. Learn Sqoop
  88. Learn Java AWT
  89. Learn Java JDBC
  90. Learn Memcached
  91. Learn script aculo us


CNC Programming Examples

Learn to CNC programming by examples

* Best ebooks for CNC programming: 
CNC Programming Basics 
G-Code and M-Code 
CNC programming 
G-Code Reference 
CNC Machine Tutorial 

CNC Programming Examples:

1. Advanced Level
2. Beginner Level
3. Bolt Hole Circle
4. Boring CNC Lathe
5. Chamfer Radius
6. CNC Lathe Machine
7. CNC Milling Machine
8. Drilling
9. G02 G03 I J K
10. G02 G03 R
11. G40 G41 G42
12. G81 Drilling Cycle
13. G91 Incremental Programming
14. Grooving
15. Intermediate Level
16. Pattern Drilling
17. Peck Drilling Lathe
18. Peck Drilling-Mill
19. Peck Milling
20. Ramping Milling
21. Slot Milling
22. Step Turning CNC Lathe
23. Subprogram
24. Taper Threading
25. Tapping
26. Threading
27. U W CNC Lathe

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[Apps] Learn Data Mining

Learn Data Mining

Data Mining is defined as the procedure of extracting information from huge sets of data. In other words, we can say that data mining is mining knowledge from data. The tutorial starts off with a basic overview and the terminologies involved in data mining and then gradually moves on to cover topics such as knowledge discovery, query language, classification and prediction, decision tree induction, cluster analysis, and how to mine the Web.

Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques with Java Implementations

This book offers a thorough grounding in machine learning concepts as well as practical advice on applying machine learning tools and techniques in real-world data mining situations. Inside, you'll learn all you need to know about preparing inputs, interpreting outputs, evaluating results, and the algorithmic methods at the heart of successful data mining―including both tried-and-true techniques of the past and Java-based methods at the leading edge of contemporary research. If you're involved at any level in the work of extracting usable knowledge from large collections of data, this clearly written and effectively illustrated book will prove an invaluable resource.


[Apps] Boolean Algebra Tutorial

[Apps] Boolean Algebra Tutorial

Tutorials about Boolean Algebra
1. Boolean Algebra Examples
2. Boolean Algebra Truth Tables
3. Laws of Boolean Algebra
4. Logic NOR Function
5. Logic NAND Function
6. Logic NOT Function
7. Logic OR Function
8. Logic AND Function

Boolean Reasoning: The Logic of Boolean Equations (Dover Books on Mathematics)
A systematic treatment of Boolean reasoning, this concise, newly revised edition combines the works of early logicians with recent investigations, including previously unpublished research results.
For the benefit of readers without formal training in mathematics, the text starts with an overview of elementary mathematical concepts and outlines the theory of Boolean algebras, based on Huntington's postulate. It defines operators for elimination, division, and expansion, providing a coherent and systematic basis for subsequent discussions of syllogistic reasoning, the solution of Boolean equations, and functional deduction.
Examples and end-of-chapter problems appear throughout the book, many taken from the design for switching systems. Two concluding chapters deal with applications; one applies Boolean reasoning to diagnostic problems, and the other discusses the design of multiple-output logic-circuits.


C++ Programming Tutorial FULL

C++ Programming Tutorial FULL

# Contents:







The C++ Programming Language

This book features an enhanced, layflat binding, which allows the book to stay open more easily when placed on a flat surface. This special binding method—noticeable by a small space inside the spine—also increases durability. C++11 has arrived: thoroughly master it, with the definitive new guide from C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition! The brand-new edition of the worlds most trusted and widely read guide to C++, it has been comprehensively updated for the long-awaited C++11 standard. Extensively rewritten to present the C++11 language, standard library, and key design techniques as an integrated whole, Stroustrup thoroughly addresses changes that make C++11 feel like a whole new language, offering definitive guidance for leveraging its improvements in performance, reliability, and clarity. C++ programmers around the world recognize Bjarne Stoustrup as the go-to expert for the absolutely authoritative and exceptionally useful information they need to write outstanding C++ programs. Now, as C++11 compilers arrive and development organizations migrate to the new standard, they know exactly where to turn once more: Stoustrup C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition.